Weddings- Master of Ceremonies or Toastmaster

You spend so much time and effort on every detail of your wedding.

louise and mark

Why leave the Wedding Breakfast to chance?

At a Wedding what does a Professional Toastmaster actually do ?

The  burden of the Management of the day is off the shoulders of the

Bridal Party.

On the day the Toastmaster will co-ordinate the wedding Breakfast and the Speeches.

The Toastmaster in their red coat will add a touch of flair and authority to the occasion, and everyone will know who to turn to if there is a need to consult re mishaps and timings.

The Toastmaster deals with all aspects of the proceedings and to reassure you and your families that all will go smoothly with nothing being left to chance.

The Toastmasters job is not just on the day it is also co-ordinating the desires of the bridal party so that things such as presents, gifts and money are kept safe and that the timing of the day does not just skip away with out the photographs being co-ordinated, receiving line, speeches and cutting of the Cake and the first dance  taking place or being unnoticed.

The Toastmaster will meet with the Bridal Party prior to the big day and complete a in depth form which will allow all parties to tailor make the  Wedding day to their specification.

Denise Ward enjoys being professional Toastmaster and offering a top class service. Knowing that she is part of someones special day is very fulfilling She sees the Bride and Groom as the stars of the show and sees her self as the director. Contact her today to book  appointment to work on a script  with timings that will enhance your wedding day.

Denise Ward Wedding ToastmasterMaking sure everyone is where they ought to be at the right time, counselling your family and friends to overcome their nerves about delivering their Wedding Speeches and adding a certain formality and etiquette to the day!

Do not worry about your speeches, Cutting of the cake, first dance and receiving lines  She is  trained in writing Speeches and Vows. I can also assist with a Cermemony in the venue of your choice.


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